I’ve had to reschedule the Addalyn and Ruby’s check up 3 separate times. On two occasions there was snow and me having Mom brain I may have forgotten once. 🤷‍♀️😂

Today we finally made it in and to say it was nuts is an understatement. We went into this thinking it was just a well child check-up and Ruby wasn’t even amused with that. Addalyn was fine. She was decked out in Doc McStuffins and happy to play with real doctor stuff.

They take the weight and height of each and send us off to the room. Well at the room the nurse tells us that they need shots and it would be better for Kinley to get hers as well so we don’t have to come back. They freaked. They are TERRIFIED of shots. The flood gates opened and Addalyn and Kinley both started hatching out a plan.

They decided that if they put there coats on then they wouldn’t be able to get to them. In comes the nurse with back up because I’m sure she saw the reaction when she SAID shots. They took Ruby first and Addalyn and Kinley sat in a corner crying together. Yes. I said corner.


It was the saddest thing ever.

There’s nothing like a vaccine appointment to bring your whole day down. A trip to Chick-fil-A and Target to get a toy may have made it a little better though.




Winter Time Mom

Once again.. we had a day at home. I’ve found during the winter months our lives slow down. We’re in the house more. I had big plans today of going out on a grand adventure but I woke up and it was to cold to get out of bed. We layed around and made waffles. Then Kinley came up with an idea to make a town. So we pulled all of the play stuff into the kitchen and they set up their town. They had a restaurant, a store, and a house. So I guess today was an adventure. Just a different type of adventure.


Snow Day!

We finally got a bit of snow! Not much. Just enough to ruin our great plans today. I’m stuck in the house with these three all day…So whats a mom to do?! Pull out all her tricks…


Kinley woke up ready to head out. She loves playing in the snow. I am so thankful Addalyn and Ruby do not! This mama can gather together some Tupperware and utensils and sit and relax in the nice warm house.


Ruby likes to sit and eat the snow and Addalyn made a snow cake lol. Kinley shoveled the snow and then threw it at the window at them.


We did the normal math and reading for the day and decided to mix things up for science. Kinley learned about the lifecycle of a snowman. We’ve talked a lot about solid, liquid, and gas but this was an awesome experiment to demonstrate gas.


We started off with building a snowman and talking about how he was a solid.


She turned the burner on and our ‘little friend’ as she called him quickly became a liquid.


She then tried to catch him in the gas stage before he disappeared. Poof. Our little friend went from solid to a liquid and disappeared as a gas.


They were a bit burned out from painting pictures so I pulled out the tempera paint and dish soap and make window paint. All you do is add a squeeze of dish soap to a little bowl of tempera paint and Voila! Window paint!


Thats how we kept busy on this cold, cold, snowy, day!

What are your favorite kid activities for a snow day?