Patapsco Park – Cascade Trail

Addalyn hates to hike. She would rather do anything in the whole world before going for a hike lol. When I told her we were going on a hike today she was less than pleased. I assured her it would be a tiny hike to a big waterfall and she reluctantly agreed. We headed to Patapsco State Park. Patapsco has many areas and sooo many different hiking trails and things to keep you busy. We explored the Cascade Trail in the Avalon area today.


Getting there:
After paying your 4$ (honor system) at the guard shack you will be at the Avalon area. You will drive about 2 minutes and turn left at the end streets splitting. Follow the road past the picnic and playground and drive about a mile and half until you reach a parking area on your
left and the swinging rope bridge on the right. You will find ample parking. You can park at either end of the parking lot but if you want to park close to the closest entrance to the
trail park at the very beginning of the parking lot. You will walk straight up the incline to the falls. (about a 5 minute walk)


I suggest water shoes as the bottom of the falls are rocky.


Be sure to bring toys and tools to dig in all the mud!




When you’re all done playing be sure to walk right across the street to the swinging rope bridge.


Go have an adventure and be sure to come back here and let me know how it was!